Gem Buzz Records is a new independent label, founded in 2003.
Our points of emphasis are in the production of singer/songwriter, Alternative Country, Blues and any crossover new music in general.

The question often asked is, of course, which chances to succeed in today's market are seen by a new label with this intention?
The answer is simple. A stagnating or even shrinking mass market like the established music industry has to face currently often does not effect the further progression of niches.
We are convinced the key for success is in ambitious, and above all, handmade music of high quality for which there is still a great demand.

These genres will most probably not achieve Top 40 positions, but that's not our aim anyway!

Rather we produce music for those music lovers considering it being more than a replacable throw-away. We, too, listen to music with and because of passion.

The passion is also reflected in the way we work: from the care for our artists in partnership and loyalty, our fair, for this branch most probably unique contracts up to the affectionated makeup of our products.

However, we work on a professional basis. Which means: commercial success is absolutely necessary. Neither our artists nor we can make a living solely from our love to music.

You can obtain further information, news, upcoming releases, tour dates etc. through our free newsletter Gem Buzzing, for which you can sign-up here.