P R E S S    R E V I E W S
Bill Bourne elected on position number 3, category
Best Artist String and Song International
in Concerto's 2006 poll. Position 1: Kris Kristofferson, position 2: Tom Waits.

--- Concerto, Issue 6, 2006 ---
The highly atmospheric recordings place emphasis on folky ballads, accompanied by acoustic guitars and sometimes also by slide guitars, saxophone, and violin. ... Bourne's tanned voice, occasionally reminding of John Hiatt or Calvin Russel, provides for homogeneity.

--- glicka, Concerto, Issue 4, 2006 ---
When one takes the time to listen thoroughly, the acutely colorful world of sound of a profound and nonetheless lighthearted artist opens up to oneself. An artist who will obtain a fanbase in Germany, too.

--- ThR, bluesnews, Issue 45, 2006 ---
Besides the vocals, the mostly acoustic guitar dominates. Bourne gaines from the styles which accompanied his musical carreer and therefore, draws on plentiful resources. Folk with celtic roots, African "Salegy", puristic Blues, Jazz-touched songs, simple songs, Acadian tunes, clear Calypso sounds, hypnotic beats driven by Lester Quitzau's guitar, more often as slide or played with the E-Bow, and a bit of country feeling.

--- Norbert Neugebauer, rocktimes.de, April 16, 2006 ---
As storyteller and musician with disposition to poetic lyrics Bourne chooses a demanding opener: a two minute spoken word intro to the track Hilfiger Heaven with acoustic guitar and inserted saxophone, which does not sound very merrily. The third strack Portland is a weird hommage to eccentric Tom Waits, who'd even take to it.

--- Associated Press, April 12, 2006 ---
There is the full monty of world music, performed from a backing of psychelic sound collages, ballads plainly accompanied by guitars, then afro roots, Folk, Soul and Jazz style devices.

--- RED, music-outlook.de, March 24, 2006 ---
Bill Bourne sounds like an esoteric touched missing link between the folky John Hiatt, abysmal a la John Dowd, more reconciliatory African Blues roots, Gospel, Cajun and world music in the broadest sense.

--- bs, Der Schallplattenmann, March 20, 2006 ---